Wireless option connected, easily swap from USB

Hair & Scalp

Take your general practice to the next level with the Dino-Lite Trichoscope. Specifically designed for examining scalp and hair details, this digital trichoscope is tailored to assist in diagnosis.

Designed with the needs of healthcare professionals and the comfort of patients in mind, our trichoscopy scopes empower healthcare professionals and provide patients with a comprehensive understanding of their hair and scalp health.

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Dino-Lite Medical Scopes with Wireless Capabilities

A perfect tool for trichoscopy, these digital trichoscopes easily aid in the study of the scalp, hair shaft and the hair follicles in detail.

Use included interchangeable caps

Combine the Trichoscope with the included caps for additional Field of View and Working Distance, optimizing the view for hair and scalp applications. 

The adjustable polarizer, positioned in front of the LEDs, polarizes the microscope light source. The fixed polarizer, placed behind the lens of the Dino-Lite, polarizes the light between the target and the camera sensor.

Key Features

Physician Benefits

Patients Benefits

Simple Set Up, Ease of Use

Setting up is easy and can be done in less than 2 minutes.

  1. Connect via USB or Wi-Fi
  2. Install software or app
  3. Open the software or app
Examine for various hair and scalp conditions such as alopecia areata and seborrheic dermatitis

Upgrading to Digital Trichoscopy

Comprehensive Documentation
Capture high-resolution images and videos to document hair and scalp conditions for comprehensive dermoscopy. The included software simplifies annotation and measurement, aiding in accurate and detailed patient records.
Informed Decision-Making
Patients can actively engage in discussions about their hair and scalp conditions by viewing live images. This collaborative approach empowers them to make informed decisions about their treatment options.

Edge Series Wireless Ready
  • 20x-220x
  • Medical Grade Housing (Polycarbonate Resin (CALIBRE 2061-15)
Digital Trichoscope designed for Hair and Scalp. This USB model provides a quick and reliable solution for the examination of hair and scalp and can be converted to wireless with the WF-20(W) (sold separately).
MSRP : $649
5MP Edge Series Wireless Ready
  • High Resolution
  • 20x-220x
  • Aluminum Alloy Housing

USB scope compatible with Wireless adapter with high resolution imaging at 2560 x1944 resolution. 

This model includes FLC LED Control feature and Automatic Magnification Reading (AMR) feature which continuously updates the current magnification directly into the software.
MSRP : $1129
In the box Dino-Lite Medical

Dino-Med Trichoscopes include

Optional Accessories

Coupling with Dino-Lite AF series, the WF-20(W) is a Wi-Fi streamer adding further versatility to Dino-Lite scopes.

MSRP : $279

Shortcut pedal that is a convenient and efficient pedal for capturing images with the DinoCapture software. 

MSRP : $99

This handheld stand is designed for specialized viewing in medical applications. The stainless steel design is ideal for sterilization.

MSRP : $39

Includes 2 bases, a plate with grid to help center objects and a ‘horseshoe’ base providing a direct view through the stand.

MSRP : $34



Continuously updated with new features and always included for the lifetime of your product

The Dino-Lite comprehensive software is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. We offer free lifetime technical support for all Dino-Lite products.

A Software Development Kit (SDK) is available for users looking to integrate into an existing system.

Trichoscopy results compared with Dino-Lite scopes DinoCapture software for Windows